3 Girls you should never Send Money to

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Guys, no matter how rich you are, or how caring you are, there are some girls that you are advised not to send money to.

The reason why you should never send money to this girls is because they will only take you for a provider.

In that case, It is better to just keep your money to yourself and avoid acting nice to her. It is nothing but a waste of time.

Further more, most women are never appreciative and sending them money makes them.feel.as.if it is.their right.

In that case, it is very advisable to save that money to yourself Instead of Sending it to a woman who won’t even appreciate.

So, it is good we let you know the kind of girls who you should never send money to, no matter what happens.

And without wasting time since we have yet another article to release after this, here are the types of girls you should never send money to:

1. A woman who you truly admire.

Well, there is nothing that is always as painful to a man as knowing that a girl he is willing to do everything to, only takes him for a provider.

What do we mean? When you start sending money to a woman who you wish would be your girlfriend, she will take you for a provider.

Which means, she will only be calling you and looking for you only during her poor days. She will tell you what she wants and how you should assist her.

For that reason, we advise you never to send money to a woman you wish to date. She will never give you the love you deserve.

Use the money to make yourself look better as an individual rather than using it to impress her.

2. A woman who is still giving out her phone number.

Guys, no matter how beautiful a woman can be, you have to realize that some of them only deserve to be on their own for the time being.

Like, a woman who still gives her phone number to any guy who comes her way. It means that she is not ready to settle down for something serious.

And now, the reason why you should never send her money is because you don’t know what exactly she is planning to do with that money.

Maybe she wants to help her other boyfriend with it, something that you are not aiming at. So for that reason, don’t send her money.

Would you be happy to have your money used by another man while you thought it would help your girlfriend?

Probably not, and that is why you are required to avoid sending money in any way to a woman who is still giving out her number, she is not yours alone. Let her be.

3. A woman who never shows up on dates.

There is this slogan going on that women always use the money you send to them in the name of transport fare to do their other things.

These women do not like you for sure, they will only be there for the sake of your money and when your money will be done, you won’t ever see her again.

In that case, if you ever called her out on a date and she refused or gave another incomplete excuse, never send her money.

It means that she is taking advantage of your money and the fact that you truly love her. Let her be, with her problems.

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