251 Achieve First Class as 888 Candidates Fail Bar Exam

251 Achieve First Class as 888 Candidates Fail Bar Exam

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A total of 888 candidates did not meet the mark in the final bar examination conducted in November 2023 by the Nigerian Bar Association, out of 5,300 who took the test.

On a brighter note, 4,412 candidates passed the examination, marking a significant achievement. Among the successful candidates, 251 attained the prestigious first-class honor.

The Director-General of the Nigerian Law School, Prof. Isa Hayatu Chiroma, shared these statistics during the Call to Bar ceremony in Abuja. He expressed satisfaction with the performance of the candidates, emphasizing the commendable achievements amidst the challenges.

Prof. Chiroma presented a total of 4,412 successful candidates from the November 2023 Bar Final examinations and an additional 14 candidates from previous sessions.

He noted that the Nigerian Law School was proud to announce the exceptional performance of the 251 candidates who achieved a first-class grade, representing a remarkable accomplishment.

Addressing the challenges facing the legal profession, the Chairman of the Body of Benchers, retired Justice Mary Peter-Odili, acknowledged the period of turmoil within the judiciary due to conflicting judgments and lawyer misconduct.

In response to these issues, she revealed the establishment of a committee tasked with addressing conflicting judgments, comprising prominent members of the legal profession. Upon completion of their task, the committee’s recommendations will be considered for implementation by relevant bodies.

Justice Peter-Odili urged newly minted lawyers to uphold the integrity of the legal system, emphasizing the importance of avoiding corruption and misconduct.

She highlighted the significant period in Nigeria’s legal profession, noting positive developments such as the reinforcement of the Supreme Court and increased funding for the judiciary. However, she stressed the need for sustained efforts to ensure these advancements translate into tangible benefits for the legal system.

Among the newly called lawyers is former Governor of Rivers State and immediate-past Minister of Transportation, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, adding to the diversity of the legal profession’s ranks.

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