2025: The opposition will find it hard to campaign against Soludo

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Soludo’s impeccable track record of achievements in all 21 local governments of Anambra state presents an insurmountable challenge for any opposition that may attempt to mount a credible challenge against him. Although he has not shown interest regarding his re-election bid, his commitment to delivering quality service to Ndi Anambra and prioritizing their needs above his ambitions is evident.

For the first time in the history of Anambra state, the opposition has to acknowledge the stellar performance, programs, and policies undertaken by a sitting governor, and the fact that Soludo accomplished it all within a short period of two years without borrowing is a testament to his visionary and compassionate leadership. His credible achievements have consolidated APGA, the first registered “progressive” political party in Nigeria, in a position of strength in the state. It is clear that Ndi Anambra is firmly in support of APGA, and Soludo’s administration is not leaving anyone behind in delivering infrastructural and human capital development across the state.

In light of these facts, it is safe to conclude that the opposition will have a very tough time coming up with any credible campaign strategy to challenge Soludo’s record of achievements come 2025.

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