2023: We Will Not Believe Any Prophecy Like We Did Before – Rev. Kevin Agwu

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Rev. Kevin Ugwu reacting to different prophecies concerning 2023 election has come out to warn all prophets that have prophesied towards the forth coming election.

There are a lot of prophecies that have been released for the upcoming 2023 election which have negated themselves.

Different prophets are saying different things about the election and we need to be careful. However, in a recent post on his official Facebook page, Rev. Kevin Ugwu sends an important message to the electorate in Nigeria.

He said that he will not get tired of saying that we need to be focused and not allow anything to distract us.

According to him, in the past, we have listened to self-acclaimed prophets tell us who to vote for, we tried them many times, but they landed us in purgatory but this time around, we have decided not to follow prophecies.

We’ve tried tribe before, we tried religion too, but they landed us in Limbo. We tried candidates that use to share money, we voted for those that will distribute oils, Maggi, indomie, and N1000 before the camera, but it landed us in hell.

This time around, he said that we have vowed never to listen to any self-acclaimed prophet and their prophecies.

We are not saying prophecy is not good, but we are saying that the biggest prophecy from God on the 2023 election is for us to use our common senses which God himself gave us.

He said that the reason why God gave us sense is so that we won’t be senseless.

We have vowed never to allow tribe or religion cause us to lose focus. We will vote for the best candidate this time.

Finally, he said that we have also vowed not to give money when you don’t merit it.

2023: We Will Not Believe Any Prophecy Like We Did Before - Rev. Kevin Agwu

We will not bribe anybody. We will not be wasteful. “Shishi you will not see unless we see the importance of the project to the masses,” he said.

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