2023 Election: Ejike Mbaka Apologises For Church’s Roles In Partisan Politics

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Father Ejike Mbaka, an Adoration Ministry priest from Enugu, publicly apologized for the partisan position the church took during the elections, especially the Presidential election 2023.

“The world should listen to me, I’m using my name as a reverend father, a prophet, and a messenger of God to apologise on behalf of the entire men of God, pastors, priests, and bishops,” said Rev. Fr. Mbaka.

“I’m not worthy to apologize on behalf of bishops, but I do so anyway. Please allow God’s mercy to descend because what we did during this political time produced a great deal of indescribable political hullabaloo, political jingoism, and atrocities by burying the sacrament’s power beneath political forces, political huffs, and vultures who want to “vulture” the church.

“We utilized the chapel as a campaign hub. We used the church as a platform for politics. The shrine was ruined by us. The shrine of the Highest God was soiled by us.

We began telling the churchgoers where to vote and how to cast their ballots after we disobeyed God.

Mbaka said.

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