2023 Budget: FG To Spend 76m As Rent In Villa, 30m For Generator Fuel

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The presidency will spend a total of N76,669,965 as State House rent in the 2023 Budget and N30,678,552 for generator fuel.

Meanwhile, State House will spend
N67,950,392 for motor fuel. Also, State House is expected to spend N388,730,180 for welfare package.

About N35, 418,735 has been allocated to evacuate sewage in the villa whereas N135,668,651 was earmarked for refreshments. While newspapers will gulp N26,432,346, books will take N8,580,741 and magazines will take N3,511,909.

Furthermore, a total of N104,861,276 is proposed for maintenance of office furniture and about N1,904,388,461 would be spent to purchase vehicles.
Besides, the federal government will spend N104,861,276 to maintain office buildings and residential quarters in the villa whereas N9,68,987 will go for maintenance of furniture.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari, at the weekend, said that the 2023 Budget was based on some fiscal assumptions and parameters and that the total federally-collectible revenue is estimated at N16.87 trillion in 2023.

Also, a total federally distributable revenue is estimated at N11.09 trillion in 2023, while a total revenue available to fund the 2023 Federal Budget is estimated at N9.73 trillion.

“This includes the revenues of 63 Government-Owned Enterprises.
Oil revenue is projected at N1.92 trillion, non-oil taxes are estimated at N2.43 trillion, Federal Government (FGN) independent revenues are projected to be N2.21 trillion. Other revenues total N762 billion, while the retained revenues of the Government-Owned Enterprises (GOEs) amount to N2.42 trillion.

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