Forgery Saga: Atiku Reveals The People Tinubu Sent To Prevail On Him

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Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has spoken about the people President Tinubu sent to meet him.

This was part of Atiku’s disclosure during a World Press Conference he held in Abuja earlier on Thursday. The address followed the legal battle between Atiku and Tinubu in the US over alleged certificate forgery by the President. Atiku had demanded and obtained the academic records of Tinubu from Chicago State University (CSU) following a court order.

When asked if he was under pressure from Tinubu to drop the case, Atiku claimed that after the election, he learnt that some governors were sent by Tinubu to reach out to him. “I didn’t even let them come to my house,” Atiku revealed.

Speaking further on the issues, Atiku stated that he would not drop the certificate forgery case against Tinubu having come a long way in prosecuting the battle which he said was inspired by the late great Human Rights Lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi and others. He maintained that he would only stop after the Supreme Court had delivered judgment on the case since it is the highest court in the country.

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